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Lee Co. Helping Hands Food Bank/​God's Pantry

​​Beattyville Housing Commodity Program: 

You can receive at any Age. There are income guidelines. When signed up you will receive commodities, dependent on number in the household, once per month at the Beattyville Housing office from 9:00am-11:00am.  Call our office at 464-3630 for more information recorded on our answering machine.


Emergency Food Program:

A Household can receive food once every 30 days. Other guidelines do apply. We like to keep it on an emergency basis only for those in hardship. For more information please call the office at 606-464-5031.

Home Buyer Program


Beattyville Housing and Development uses a number of lenders depending on funding availability, types of funding needed for the project and client eligibility. Normally, Beattyville Housing will partner with one or more funders to develop a loan or loan-grant package which provide the best deal for the client. The first choice is a combination of USDA and Kentucky Housing Corporation loans and grants. Then, if needed, private lenders may be used. Lots can be purchased from Beattyville Housing that are located in a small subdivision on Back Street in Campton, a lot in Beattyville in Crystal Creek Subdivision or the buyer can own their very own lot, or buy one from a private individual if the lot is affordable and has water, sewer and electric available. Also, most programs will allow an interested homebuyer to purchase an existing house on the market if it appraises for the asking price, and passes all lender required inspections.


Home Owner Rehab Program


There are several programs that Beattyville Housing and Development staff works with to assist current homeowners needing repairs to their home. USDA, Kentucky Housing Corporation, and the Federal Home Loan Bank all offer different styles of repair programs. Most of the repairs must be safety and health related needs such as roofs, doors, windows, floor repairs, bathroom modifications, and heat and air conditioning systems. To qualify for most of the repair programs, the homeowners must be below 60%of area median and be qualified to borrow a small amount of money to go along with grant funds. Some homeowner repair programs are devoted to the elderly and disabled. Over the years, Beattyville Housing, working with local contractors, has seen some major improvements and transformations made to homes for the homeowners to have safe, decent and affordable housing.

Rental Development

Beattyville Housing and Development Corporation’s Board and staff have developed 20 rental units over the past 7 years. Eight of the units are one bedroom units, and 8 of them are two bedroom units, and four three bedrooms. They are rented to families or individuals at 60% of area median income or lower. The units have washer/dryer hookups, refrigerator, stove and ceiling fans.  To date, the units have stayed leased up, and a waiting list of 10 to 20 exist at all times. The 3 bedroom duplexes have been completed and are ready to be rented.  One of the needs of the community is to be able to locate safe, decent, and affordable housing that is affordable to the lower income clients. If you would like more information call Amanda Voyles Rental Case Manager at 606-464-3633

Rental Assistance 

Beattyville Housing and Development Corporation’s Board and staff have worked with several rental assistance programs to help families with rental units. Several years ago there was a program called Kentucky Hearth that assisted with rent, and utilities for clients about ready to lose housing, or were homeless and needed to find housing. Currently those funds have been exhausted, and there is a small fund through Kentucky Housing Corporation Inc., and HHCK for disabled, and chronically homeless individuals. Also, staff has been successful in obtaining funding for the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program through Kentucky Housing Corporation. The funds can be used to provide monthly rental assistance, monthly utility assistance, and security and utility deposits for low income clients up to the number of vouchers allocated in the funding. To date, Beattyville Housing has assisted 16 families in this last funding round, and plans to submit another application in the winter for additional vouchers for the next two years. Currently there is a waiting list for this program.  Click Link for a TBRA  application to be placed on the waiting list. One of the needs of the community is to be able to locate safe, decent, and affordable housing that is affordable to the lower income clients. If you would like more information call Amanda Voyles, Rental Case Manager at   606-464-3633

CC Subdivision

New section of Crystal Creek Subdivision is now under construction.

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